Wild Amelia is a group of local residents who have banded together to protect and to showcase the wildlife and natural beauty of our barrier island, Amelia Island, Florida, and surrounding areas. Year-round programs are designed to educate both residents and visitors about the plants, insects, and animals with whom we coexist. Through these programs, we hope to encourage greater understanding of the interrelationship of nature and humans and, through this understanding, to grow an enthusiasm for protecting and sustaining the fragile ecosystem of this area.

Designed to educate and entertain both adults and children, our programs aim to promote a conservation ethic. Our goal is to develop a sense of stewardship for the wild things living on our barrier island and surrounding areas.

 “For most of the wild things on Earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind.”
Archie Carr   

what WE DO

The Wild Amelia Nature Festival Eco-Expo

nature festival

The Wild Amelia Nature Festival, held the third weekend in May, is three days of eco-tours, an eco-expo and activities for children. Learn more.

photography festival

Our popular nature photography workshops and field trips are taught by local professional photographers. Learn more.

Dr. Norton speaks at a Wild Nite nature lecture

wild nites

Our Wild Nites nature lecture series is held monthly from September through May.  Our speakers are experts in their fields. Learn more. 

Children participating in Junior Naturalist activities on the beach in Amelia Island, FL

junior naturalist

Our Junior Naturalist program teaches children an appreciation of the natural wonders of the sea shore, salt marshes and maritime forests. Learn more.

Display of winning photos in the Wild Amelia Nature Photography Contest

photography contest

Our Nature Photography Contest has categories for different skill levels and different ages. Entries are chosen for inclusion in our calendar. Learn more.

Robyn Nemes and a Junior Naturalist participant pose with critter-of-the-year mascot, a Manatee.

Critter of the year

Each year a different native species is chosen as that year's mascot. The critter is featured in our activities and on our tee shirts. Learn more.

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